Dinosaur Rider 

Featuring a cast of non-actors and real rockers, Dinosaur Rider tells the story of Xuan, an 18-year-old punk guitarist, and his unruly yet loyal bandmates. Part documentary, part fiction, it is a vibrant portrait of what it's like to be young and punk in contemporary China.

Writer/Director:    Tingerine Liu
Cinematography: Jinwei Zeng
Producers:               Cathy Yan (US)
                                       Colin Whitlow (US)
                                       Amie Yi Zuo (China)
Editors:                     Tingerine Liu
                                       Lilian Mehrel

编剧/导演:   柳汀
摄影:                 曾晋为
制片:              阎羽茜 (美国)
                            Colin Whitlow (美国)
                            左㦤 (中国)
剪辑:              柳汀
                            Lilian Mehrel

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